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40 salute Rep. Barbara Lee

Robin Hipolito
Friday September 28, 2001



On September 12 nearly 40 residents of Strawberry Creek Lodge joined together to express our support to Rep. Barbara Lee for her courageous act in standing as the sole voice in Congress in saying “no” to giving President Bush open-ended funding for wiping out whole countries “harboring” terrorists. 

In the wake of the escalating frenzy for war from the White House, the halls of Congress, the military, the media and those who stand to profit, the people of our country are being rapidly brain-washed. It is time to slow down this barrage and let the voices of reason be heard througout the media. 

We the undersigned residents of Strawberry Creek Lodge congratulate our courageous Representative, Barbara Lee, for her vote in opposition to the war powers resolution.  

We agree that the perpetrators of the terrorist bombings must be brought to justice, but we believe that more killing can only result in the death of innocent people. In addition, we have to ask, what is it in U.S. foreign policy that results in such blind hatred toward the United States? 

Your paper has the duty to reflect feelings and opinions of readers who are opposed to bombing other countries thus causing a long and deadly war. 

September 11 should remind all Americans that violence begets violence. Those behind this fearful terror must be found and punished. The frightening war propaganda should be restrained now. Please join us in calling for “Justice not Vengeance.”  

Robin Hipolito