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So Much Yet to be Given

Geneva Agnes Gates Foote
Friday September 28, 2001

There is sadness in everyone -  

Thousands of people are dead 

They went to work, 

Three planes struck their buildings 

Everything in flames - gone 

Not even pieces to say who they were 

Only loss to friends, family and children 

These people did nothing and yet it happened. 


Who is to blame? 

Shall we send planes and bombs? 

Kill, kill. 

Kill the others, the innocent others? 

Our country has done it again and again. 

Where to point a finger of blame? 

Always at the other but not ourselves. 


Can we not see, 

Yes, you and me? 

We are destroying the earth and its people - 

Seas rising, 

Air polluted,  

No water to drink.  

Shall we rush out and kill something? 

Am I not the enemy and the avenger too? 

Can we change our ways? 

The ways of our country? 


So much to do, 

So much to change. 

So much caring, 

So much love, 

Yet to be given.  


Geneva Agnes Gates Foote