Flea markets can save you a bundle

By The Associated Press
Friday September 28, 2001

Here’s a comparison of what decorators Jane Bell Cammarata and Linda Clay estimate it would cost to buy items at a flea market to furnish a child’s room, and what the same items might cost new or at an antiques store (their purchases were hypothetical): 

- The 7- by 9-foot needlepoint rug would cost $50 at the sale; on the market, expect to spend $300 or more. 

- Slant-top desk would be a bargain at $75; a new one would probably cost about $600. 

- Yellow cabinet with glass doors would cost the decorators $125; market price for a similar item would be about $700. 

- A small lamp would go for $15 at the sale; new, it would run about $100. 

- Three pictures at the sale have an estimated cost of $20; if new, $100. 

- Two window treatments could be conjured up by the decorators from a $10 price for drapery remnants; similar new ones would be about $550. 

- The rush-seat stool would go for $7; new, it would be $45. 

- A $1 basket at the sale would cost about $10 in a store. 

- The child’s rocker picked up for $25 would cost $125 retail. 

- Bed linens, which the women say they could get for $20, would run around $200 new. 

- And the bird cage, priced at $30 for the sale, would cost around $90. 

Estimated flea market costs: $378 

Estimated retail costs: $2,820 

Estimated savings: $2,442