Santa Cruz teacher calls police after eating student’s marijuana brownie

Friday October 05, 2001

SANTA CRUZ — A Santa Cruz middle school student who used his home economics skills to bake brownies for a school trip added an extra ingredient — marijuana. 

“The recipe is probably not something he found in Martha Stewart,” said Santa Cruz police Sgt. Steve Clark. 

The Sojourn Charter Middle School student brought chocolate brownies cooked with marijuana to a Sept. 25 school outing and passed them out to six unsuspecting students and his teacher. 

Clark said the teacher, who was aware the 14-year-old boy had past problems with marijuana, jokingly asked for one of the “pot brownies.” The boy gave her one, and she ate it. 

When the teacher started to feel dizzy and confused, she called police. Some students in the class complained of similar symptoms and said they felt sick. 

Paramedics were called as a precaution, but all the kids were fine, according to school principal Marilyn Armstrong. She would not say whether the boy was suspended, citing his age and student confidentiality. 

The boy told police he was trying to get the class stoned, Clark said. His case has been forwarded to juvenile hall.