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Support Bush or quit

Joyce Marlene Carroll
Friday October 19, 2001


Shock vibrated through my heart while reading the Berkeley Planet article: “Council Condemns terrorists, mourns loss in resolution.” Added to this shock wave was the news report on the same issue. 

How dangerous six government representatives can be. The Berkeley City Council members are elected government officials. I see it as their duty to support the decision of President Bush.  

If you cannot support your president while serving as a government official, no matter what level you serve, whether in a local, state or federal capacity it is your duty to relinquish your position. Have the professionalism to step down. 

I request that councilmembers Linda Maio, Maudelle Shirek, Dona Spring, and Kriss Worthington give up their seats on the Berkeley City Council.  

Have the courage of your convictions and step down as government representatives of the people and speak your peace as a citizen. 

What you have done is self-serving. I cannot believe the majority of Berkeley’s citizens would vote in favor of such a resolution.  

I will encourage a boycott of Berkeley until this resolution is overturned. May the Berkeley City Council become a true governing body for the people.  

Please support our President and those who serve ready to die for your safety. 

God Bless America. 

Your decision has brought me great sorrow. I will never look upon local government again as truly for the people. It is time to reconsider the amount power we allow our city councilmembers to wield. 


Joyce Marlene Carroll 

Rio Vista