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Richard Graham
Saturday October 20, 2001


In you article reporting the armed robbery at the medical marijuana club on University Avenue (Oct. 18) Jeff Jones of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers’ Co-op is quoted as saying “medical marijuana clubs generally run the same risks that other businesses do, and that some vigilance is called for.” How much is some vigilance? Your article quotes another operator in San Francisco as having increased security by firming up entrance facilities, having a staff training session, and learning how to do perimeter checks before opening doors and to exercise “preventative scrutiny.” Will the “The Old Brick House” adopt these measures before they re open next week? 

Frankly that is not the real issue for me because when I walk my 5-year daughter past their business, we will be OUTSIDE of their perimeter. The cannabis clubs will do what they have to do to protect their drugs and their money. What is the city of Berkeley going to do to protect the rest of us? They can start be allowing the Berkeley Police to tell the truth about what is happening at the five buyers’ clubs in Berkeley. Your reporter quotes The Berkeley Police as “unable to say whether other marijuana clubs in the city have been robbed.” Of course they know if others have been robbed. What I would like to know is why they are unable to tell the community.  


Richard Graham