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Shame on Berkeley

Frank J. De Smidt
Saturday October 20, 2001


The Daily Planet received this letter written to the mayor and council: 

As a former Berkeley resident I am appalled at the action this council took in passing a despicable anti-American resolution. I am deeply offended by some of the comments contained therein. 

If I still lived at my former Berkeley address on Bonar Street near Bancroft Way I might even have the disdainful distinction of being represented by the misguided author of this abomination! 

How can Berkeley be in favor of stopping the bombing of evil terrorist thugs, who had no other goal in mind other than killing innocent Americans and citizens of 80 other nations? 

How can Berkeley call for us to “lessen our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East” and not support offshore drilling and exploration in Alaska to reduce such dependence. Solar cells offer too little. Fuel cells will likely require oil based products. 

I will not visit your city or spend any my money there until such time as those, who support and voted for this hideous statement, are removed from office. 


Frank J. De Smidt