Let’s get our heads out of the sand

Maris Arnold
Saturday October 20, 2001



Donaldson’s and Kawcznska’s letters (10/18) condemning the council l calling for an end to the government’s bombing of Afghanistan exemplifies an ostrich-in-the-sand attitude mingled with hysteria (fear?) over dissent from the Government’s explanation of why we are at war.  

The implications seem to be that Berkeley is an island unaffected by the immensity of the WTC attack; that we are immune to the national and international consequences of our federal government’s response; that if we ignore the nightmare we are in, it will go away; and Berkeley’s chutzpah to dare to participate in democratic dialogue is embarrassing. 

Civic life is much more than paved streets. I thank the City Council for passing the resolution and thus widening the arena as Barbara Lee did in which to debate the wisdom and truth of the government’s policies and tactics. Democracy – use it or lose it. 


Maris Arnold