Hard to boycott local businesses

Ted Vincent
Saturday October 20, 2001


It is a shame to hear of the boycott of that solid old Berkeley business, Ashby Lumber.  

On the other hand, most of Berkeley business is insulated from an economic boycott. Berkeley is not Emeryville with its neon generica chain stores, Berkeley is independent book stores with that volume to be found nowhere else. Berkeley is special video shops with that hard to find old movie. Berkeley is the ecology center store, the farmer’s market, great produce markets, a selection of stores for sick people needing medical marijuana, and Berkeley also has Good Vibrations, which most cities don’t have.  

From all over the Bay Area people come to Berkeley for things they can’t get in their town. Our clothing stores offer variety from saris to alpaca sweaters. Our cheese stores are unique. Our rock climbing establishment is considered one of the best in the west. We’ve got movie house row, the gormet ghetto, and the West Berkeley international smorgasborg of Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Japanese, Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese restaurants.  

Even our junk stores are distinctive. Where else do you find Urban Ore and our used backpack establishment? Clearly, many people are going to continue to support Berkeley business, some because of need, and some will probably come because they want to show their support for the City Council peace vote.  


Ted Vincent