God bless

Ed Dramer
Saturday October 20, 2001


Why? After the tragic events of September 11, I watched as members of the U.S. Congress stood on the steps of the Capitol Rotunda and sang one of their most patriotic songs, “God bless America!” Why should God do that? I challenge anyone to show me one, relevant action that the United States has taken, since before the Viet Nam War, that would beget God’s grace. The USA was once called ‘One Nation under God.’ Now however, you may quote their serving politicians who say, they are a nation who, “accepts the rule of law.” That is just another way of saying; they are a country ruled by lawyers. Several days later I watched again, as a U.S. Marine officer sang the same song on the balcony above the New York Stock Exchange. That symbol was far more distressing. Since the early days of the last century, the United States has used ‘gunboat diplomacy’ to enforce its economic will and push its life style and values on every far-flung corner of the world. 

I watched as President Bush, the counties ‘Chief-of-State /Lawyers’ lead the country in prayer. What? He is a corrupt, career politician. Virtually no eligible voter voted for him. Most people would not buy a used car from the individual. Is he now the Chief Priest of their culture? Muslim fundamentalists have every right to hate the ‘Great Satan’ which the USA has surly become. They are morally bankrupt, corrupt, and licentious. They are a nation driven by a need to fill-up every orifice with the latest consumer gimmick. Religion is practically nonexistent. They only have the most superficial form of Christianity left to assuage the conscience of the guilty and bury their dead. Let it be known, the next ‘500 Years War’ has begun. It is the war between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s.’ It is the war between the ‘religious’ and the ‘profane.’ Let it be known that the United States cannot win such a war, because evil never wins in the end. They are about to go the way of Rome. They will get what they so richly deserve-- the next new war of the ‘Iconoclast.’ and may God have mercy on your souls.  


Ed Dramer 

Norfolk, VA