Oakland airport’s access badges missing

The Associated Press
Thursday October 25, 2001

OAKLAND — More than 1,000 badges that grant access to secure areas at Oakland International Airport appear to be missing. 

Port of Oakland commissioners, who oversee the airport, called for an accounting of where the security badges might be following reports that 10 percent of 10,000 total badges are gone. 

“It bothers me deeply,” said port commission President Phil Tagami.  

He confirmed that the Federal Aviation Administration has criticized the airport for not following rules that require no more than 5 percent of the badges be missing. 

Commissioners ordered an audit Tuesday as part of a 30-day review of the airport’s long-term security needs. 

Airport managers have proposed assigning security duties to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department as part of a plan to phase out a private company that has done security work for eight years.  

The port commission has balked at that proposal.