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Opportunism vs. principle

David Eifler
Friday October 26, 2001



As most Americans struggle to understand the enormity of Sept. 11, a small group of opportunists have lost no time rushing to collect the fortunes of war. The pro-deregulation airlines press to collect a $15 billion bailout at the trough of public tax dollars. Oil manufacturers hasten to drill in the ANWAR wildlife refuge while American soldiers fight yet another war to secure their access to oil and natural gas overseas. Arms manufacturers press for public funding for Strategic Missile Defense despite it’s inability to address terrorist attacks. 

Locally, Audie Bock sees her opportunity to run for Barbara Lee’s congressional seat. “Green today, gone tomorrow,” Bock is tossed about by the winds of public sentiment and is incapable of providing leadership during these difficult times. Barbara Lee, however, has remained consistent with her principles and has demonstrated courage unique among her peers. She represents many of us in her district, and millions more throughout our country, who believe that terror cannot be vanquished by terror. I for one am honored to be represented by someone willing to set aside personal and financial interests and represent their moral beliefs as Congresswoman Lee has done. 


David Eifler