Low scores hurt Edison Charter Academy

The Associated Press
Monday October 29, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO – Another round of low test scores has drawn more scorn for the Edison Charter Academy, the San Francisco public school managed by a for-profit company. 

Edison’s campus saw its state performance rating fall to 487 on a scale of 200 to 1,000, the lowest score of any school in town. 

Edison’s lagging test scores irk many in the community who have long railed against corporate managed public education. 

“It was at the bottom before privatization and it’s at the bottom still,” said Caroline Grannan, a San Francisco parent. 

Some parents with children at Edison’s San Francisco campus are satisfied with the school’s management, despite the lackluster test results. 

“There are people in San Francisco to this day who continue to wage a campaign to discredit us and harass us,” said Heather Mobley, whose two children are enrolled at Edison Charter Academy. 

“We’re trying to focus on our children and their success and ignore the naysayers as much as we can.”