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Berkeley should be ashamed

Tim Barnett
Friday November 02, 2001




First we get Richard Gere saying that we should love our Terrorists and now, another Democrat won’t support our President or the fight against Terrorism. What a shame.  

How dare Lee fail in her commitment to stand behind our country to fight the zealots that killed innocent men and women. I hope that the City Council in Berkeley is run out of town on a train as well as Lee, and for Danny Glover to support her is another one of the signs of how the Democrats got us into this position.  

President Bush would have never had to resort to war if the Democrats had started the man hunt and stopped Osama bin Laden when they bombed the foreign embassies. It seems that once again the Hollywood Democrats are on the wrong side of justice as well as environmental movement. Also, Democrats want their freedom, gold chains, metal cars and wooden million dollar homes but they don’t want to stand up to fight, allow miners and loggers to make a living or support our president in time of great need. Lee and the City Council should be ashamed and apologize to the families of missing loved ones and the men and women of the armed forces trying to give you back your comfort and freedom from terrorists. Don’t you understand that you are playing into the hands of Osama and the Taliban. They have no other source of weapon shipments to fight a sustained war so they are relying on the American people to fight amongst ourselves to stop the attacks. They hope to outlast us while they sit in their caves waiting for responses from people like Berkeley to cause in-house feuding, see, you are playing right into their hands.  

One last note, I sure won’t visit Berkeley ever again. Boycott Berkeley!  


Tim Barnett  

Salt Lake City, Utah