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Geezer Power

Harry Siitonen
Saturday November 03, 2001


In her Nov. 1 letter pushing for more auto parking in Berkeley, Jenny Wenk said of people ages 45-60 that “It’s unrealistic to expect them to ride bicycles to Safeway or the Berkeley Bowl.” 

Ms. Wenk is dead wrong. I’m 75 years old and do a weekly eight-mile bicycle round-trip to the Berkeley Bowl for my staples. With two panniers, a backpack and a rear rack, I routinely bring home four bags of groceries. And three days a week I bike to the 24-Hour Fitness to pump iron and enjoy the cardio equipment. 

Just because us geezers are old, it doesn’t mean we’re all necessarily decrepit. I gave up my car when I retired in 1986 because (1) it was too costly to retain on a reduced income, (2) it would mean one less exhaust pipe spewing carbon monoxide and other pollutants into our environment, and (3) riding a bike and walking are conducive to maintaining top health. 

So, Berkeleyans of all ages, if possible, junk those gas-guzzling monsters and hop on a bike. 


Harry Siitonen