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Berkeley officials remembered American values

Deborah Hirsch
Saturday November 03, 2001

The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter addressed to TV talk-show host Bill O’Reilly:  

I disagree with your opinion that (the Berkeley City Council) resolution is indicative of the “mindless nonsense from Berkeley for more than 40 years.”  

Thank God, there are a handful of Americans and elected officials that remember that this country was founded on the principals of free speech.  

I, along with the City Council of Berkeley, condemn the terrorists responsible for the mass killings of innocent people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. But it is properly the purview of the United Nations and international tribunals such as the World Court or International Criminal Court to bring the terrorists to justice.  

A long time ago, citizens of the United States decided we wanted formal trial by jury of peers vs. vigilante justice for all crimes in this country. There are several international legal avenues available to the United States for recompense. As of this writing we have decided not to use them. 

I hope that you and others in the media will editorialize on means other than killing impoverished mothers and children in Afghanistan to bring justice and healing to the world. 


Deborah Hirsch 

Alpharetta, Georgia 


Hirsh also writes to the Berkeley City Council: 

I commend you on your vote on Oct. 16, 2001 calling for “bringing the bombing (of Afghanistan) to a conclusion as soon as possible.” I also appreciate your condemning the mass murders of Sept. 11, 2001, which has been overlooked in the media.  

Your courage in the face of certain backlash, for instance death threats, is a tribute to true patriotism. You spoke for me when you passed this resolution.