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Don’t fund war

Mitch Triplett
Monday November 05, 2001

The Berkeley Daily Planet received this letter addressed to Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Diane Feinstein, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee. 


If you, as my elected representatives, do not elevate my cries for peace to a level where they can be heard above the call to arms, then who will speak for me? Your part in the unanimous decision to fund our next war will cost lives. And what then? 

After innocent people have died, after children have lost parents and friends, after parents have lost sons and daughters, after men and women have lost friends and loved ones,what will we have proven? 

What will we have won? And most importantly, what will be lost? 

Now is an opportunity to set an example for the world. Denounce the criminal acts that have taken place, and similar acts that take place on a daily basis in other parts of the world. Mourn for those who have lost their lives and for those who have lost loved ones to acts of violence both domestically and abroad. Bring the criminals to task for these violent acts and rewrite U.S. foreign policies that support ruling establishments that use terror and violence as means to achieve their ends. Put an end to the cycles of hatred, violence, and death that will only be perpetuated and further justified if the United States unleashes its military forces. 

You are my representatives – please represent me. 


Mitch Triplett