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Terrorists not motivated by hate of U.S.

Harry Lieberman
Monday November 05, 2001


Shame, shame, shame on T. Lent who states following concerning the butchering of American men, women and children, “what goes around comes back around.”  

The terrorists were motivated by the promise of eternal paradise and a harem, suicide madmen without the basic pity of burning innocents alive. What had the children on the four aircraft and in the World Trade Center done to justify T. Lent’s saying in defense of these madmen, “How can we respond with love?”  

What a monstrous thought! These butchers must be stopped now. Finally, to compete T. Lent’s defense of his massacre and blaming the victims for the horror - Mr. Lent should join bin Laden in Afghanistan for he sees these madmen as justified. Shame on you. 


Harry Lieberman