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Council bears witness to truth

Sister Karen Conover, BVM
Tuesday November 13, 2001

The Daily Planet received this copy of a letter to the mayor and City Council: 

I applaud your courageous, public stand against the bombing campaign in Afghanistan. I am grateful that some persons, some body politic, have the courage and moral fiber to say “NO” to this madness. We cannot become the evil we wish to destroy. It makes us less than we can be. 

I work in Oakland at Holy Names High School and live in San Francisco. I want my students to know that our elected officials CAN speak out on significant issues. To say “it makes no difference” is to underestimate the power of conscience. Thank you for exercising your civic responsibilities and giving public witness to truth, as inconvenient or unpopular as that may be. 

Sister Karen Conover, BVM 

San Francisco