Excite.com to sell some parts for $10 million

The Associated Press
Tuesday November 13, 2001

REDWOOD CITY — Excite AtHome has agreed to sell parts of the Excite.com Internet portal to InfoSpace Inc. for $10 million, a deal that will require the approval of a bankruptcy court. 

InfoSpace, a Bellevue, Wash.-based provider of online directories and other Internet services, wants to acquire the Excite.com domain name, trademarks and user traffic. 

Excite’s equipment and employees would not be part of the proposed sale, which was announced late Friday. ExciteAtHome also would still own the broadband-specific portal it offers to its cable-modem subscribers. 

ExciteAtHome was formed in 1999 when cable-access provider At Home Corp. bought the Excite portal for $6.7 billion. The company fairly quickly sputtered, and now a bankruptcy court is to consider whether ExciteAtHome can be sold to its largest shareholder, AT&T Corp., for $307 million. 

A group of ExciteAtHome’s bondholders are opposed to the deal, saying the price is far too low. 


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