Wish I could live in Berkeley

Judith Kahle
Wednesday November 14, 2001

The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter addressed to the mayor and City Council: 

I am writing to congratulate you on the courageous stand Berkeley took to ask for a quick end to the bombing of Afghanistan. I wish I could have afforded to buy in Berkeley when I bought my home in Fairfield last year. Your stance makes me wish so even more. 

Likewise, even though she is not my representative, I wish I could have been in Oakland to the rally to support and thank Barbara Lee for her courageous stand in Congress. 

In this time of clamping down on freedom of expression in the name of patriotism, I am grateful for oasis of people standing up for what they believe. I am sorry to read that people who would deny us that freedom of expression are reacting to try to economically impact the city of Berkeley. I for one will try to spend money on entertainment, shopping and on eating out in Berkeley when I come to the East Bay. 

Thank you for your vote!! 

Judith Kahle