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Fear that fascism has arrived

Pamela Miller
Thursday November 15, 2001

The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter addressed to the mayor and City Council: 

I am writing to express my full support and gratitude for the courageous vote of the Berkeley City Council to voice opposition to this “war” that is being manufactured for the American public. I will do everything I can to shop in Berkeley and support the city in any way possible. Opposition to the overwhelming majority opinion at this point in our “democracy,” is becoming more and more difficult and that means it is all the more important that the minority voice be expressed and heard. 

My understanding and love of our Constitution is that it was written to protect the minority in the population. That is why we are NOT a democracy, but a republic. If it were the rule of the majority, it would be mob rule and that is not rule at all, just who can sway opinion at the moment. Which is exactly what appears to be happening right now. Big business has control of the media, the politicians (see the current “tax cut” bill that is passing through the U.S. Congress, e.g.), and public opinion.  

Thank you for voicing my position. This “war” is wrong and is being created for the wrong reasons. Lives are being lost and more will be lost in this attempt to create totalitarian support for any government decision. That is fascism and that is very frightening. 

Forty years ago, an uncle of mine told me that fascism would come to the United States only from the inside. I fear that it has arrived. 


Pamela Miller  

El Cerrito