Support free speech radio

David Eifler and Pat Martin
Friday November 16, 2001


Our community and our nation need access to dialogue and free speech now more than ever. The Pentagon has bought exclusive rights to satellite photos of Afghanistan to keep them from being broadcast. Domestic civil rights are under attack and even lawyer/client confidentiality has been eliminated. The mainstream media has openly declared its willingness to censor any information that contradicts the Bush administration’s line and Dan Rather has announced on the air that he takes his orders from George Bush. 

In the Bay Area we are fortunate to have an alternative source of information on KPFA 94.1 FM. But KPFA and the entire Pacifica network are also under attack by a hostile, corporatist board that is now unable to pay the station’s bills. Telephone, utility and other bills go unpaid by Pacifica (which holds all the purse strings) while high priced lawyers and security guards have drained the foundation of $2 million in the past two years. 

As members of a community that prizes free speech, we need to keep KPFA on the air by paying its bills without providing funding to the corporate controlled Pacifica Foundation. We strongly urge all people who rely on KPFA for news and information to support a listener-controlled station and Pacifica network by writing a check to “Friends of Free Speech Radio,” 925 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94710. We can’t afford not to. 


David Eifler and Pat Martin