Don’t knock my city

Edith Monk Hallberk
Friday November 16, 2001


Enough is Enough! I am a 35 year resident of Berkeley who is tired of the outside press for knocking my lovely city and its patriotic traditions. There’s more patriotic action here than Superman could find in all of the whole country. 

Berkeley is special. It initiated Earth Day, a whole lot of Ecological innovations, and is the cradle to most of the Progressive movements in the country- for women, the Disabled, Peace and Justice. We are known as compassionate, educated citizens who agree to non-violent dissent. 

A statesman once said that it is not only our right, but our duty to dissent from something that is unwise or unjust. I agree that Barbara Lee and the City Council are well are of this, and acted accordingly. 

As an educator I have been sworn to “Uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” What do I do NOW? 

I am not only against any boycott, but I choose to spend 90 percent of my income after rent and bills in Berkeley. It won’t get me any awards from the mayor and her friends, but it’s honest, hard earned, every cent. 

Take THAT you Berkeley bashers! 


Edith Monk Hallberk