Woman pushed into subway path

The Associated Press
Saturday November 17, 2001

NEW YORK — A woman was shoved into the path of a subway train, a push so hard that her white clogs remained on the edge of the platform, police said. A homeless man was accused of attempted murder. 

Nursing assistant Latchmie Ramsamy, 40, was in critical condition Friday after she was hit by an oncoming train. 

Ramsamy was on her way to work Thursday when Jackson Roman, 35, allegedly pushed her onto the tracks at Grand Central station. Ramsamy, the mother of two, lost part of a foot and had other injuries, police said. 

Witnesses said some people on the platform panicked, clogging the staircases to the exits. 

Roman waited to be arrested, and police described him as emotionally disturbed. 

In 1999, another woman, Kendra Webdale, was pushed to her death by a man with a history of mental illness. The case prompted a state law known as Kendra’s Law, which lets caseworkers, family members or roommates seek a court order to force a mentally ill patient to comply with treatment.