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Canada has many foreign college students

Richard Thompson,
Monday November 19, 2001



In contrast to the United States; Canada, France and the United Kingdom, are still actively seeking foreign students. 11,000 more Koreans are studying in Canada than in the United States, already. And the number of American students applying to Canadian universities like University of Toronto, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of Alberta, Western University, and University of British Columbia, has spiked by as much as 25 percent for the class of 2005. According to McClean’s, a Canadian magazine,in addition to the above research-level universities, the best liberal arts colleges are as follows: 1) Mount Allison, 2) St. Francis Xavier, 3) Trent, 4) Arcadia, 5) Winnepeg, and the best universities below the PhD-granting level are as follows: 1) Waterloo, 2) Simon Fraser, 3) Guelph, and 4) Victoria. Prime Minister Tony Blair of U.K. hopes to attract over 40 percent of the entire English-speaking world’s student population that plan to study overseas to come study in that country during his term of office. According to The Times of London, the best U.K. universities are as follows:  

1) Cambridge, 2) Oxford, and 3) University of London, Imperial. And France wants to boost the number of foreign students studying in France from the current 300,000 to 500,000.  


Richard Thompson,  

Visiting Professor, Gwangju University, Korea