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UC Berkeley announces 2001 enrollment figures

Daily Planet wire services
Tuesday November 20, 2001

University of California, Berkeley, officials released final enrollment figures Monday for fall 2001 undergraduate and graduate students. 

Overall, there are 32,128 undergraduate and graduate students on campus this fall, up from 31,277 last fall, according to a UC Berkeley press statement. 

Women continue to outnumber men in the freshman class, where they represent 55 percent of the class, and in the overall undergraduate population, representing 53 percent.  

The data shows the following:  

• There are 3,842 students in the fall 2001 freshman class, up from 3,735 last fall. The total number of undergraduates on campus now is 23,269, compared to 22,678 a year ago.  

• New graduate students number 2,624, an increase of 169 from last fall. In all, there are 8,859 new and continuing graduate students on campus this fall, 260 more than last fall.  

• Chicano and Latino students enrolled in the fall 2001 freshman class increased 21 percent from last fall, with 388 of these students now enrolled. The number of African-American freshmen, meanwhile, dropped by five students to 143 enrolled in the fall 2001 class. Freshmen from all other ethnic categories showed an increased over fall 2000.  

• Transfer student (sometimes referred to as advanced standing students) enrollment increased by 13 percent, from 1,484 last fall to 1,671 in fall 2001. This figure excludes students working on a second academic degree. Transfer students from every ethnic group showed increased numbers in this category.  

• Both undergraduate and graduate international students total 2,627 on campus this fall, an increase of 103 students. They represent 8 percent of the campus’s total student population.