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What do you say murder of reporters?

Anne Marselis
Thursday November 22, 2001

Councilmember Spring, you were so very quick to “condemn” the actions of the Untied States government after the terrorist attacks that murdered 5,000 innocent civilians during the normal conduct of their daily lives. 

Now, the Taliban have murdered news reporters . . . not by mistake, not because a stray shot, these news reporters were knowingly and intentionally murdered ! 

What have you got to say now, Councilmember Spring ? 

Remember, Councilmember Spring, you were elected by a small number of voters in a small district of a small city to help to run that small city, not to direct the foreign policy of the United States. 

Clearly, federal foreign policy is not your area of expertise. Unfortunately, you and your city-council bully-majority of “left-wing loonies” have not even done a good job of what you were elected to do.  


Anne Marselis