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Passenger allegedly kicks airliner’s emergency exit door

The Associated Press
Thursday November 22, 2001

LOS ANGELES — A man who was believed to be unhappy with his seat assignment was taken into custody Wednesday for kicking an airliner’s emergency exit door during a flight from South Korea to Los Angeles, authorities said. 

Young Kun Kim, 62, of El Cajon, was taken into custody after his Asiana Airlines flight from Incho, South Korea, landed at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday morning. Flight attendants had kept him handcuffed to a seat during much of the flight. 

“Apparently, he was unhappy where he was sitting, became unruly and began kicking at the door,” said FBI spokeswoman Cheryl Mimura. She said other passengers told airline officials Kim appeared to be intoxicated when he got on the plane. 

He was taken to the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles after the plane landed at 9:26 a.m. He was expected to face federal charges on Monday, Mimura said.