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University should set example

Stephanie Bonin
Saturday November 24, 2001


Is UC Berkeley going to fall behind Stanford in the Clean Energy Revolution? Solar energy & Greenpeace has just claimed an amazing victory in San Francisco with the passing of Propositions B & H. We are now looking for our next win on the campuses of Berkeley and Stanford by mobilizing students to demand clean renewable energy.  

Global warming is happening and college students of this generation will experience many of the worst impacts of global warming in their lifetimes, unless action is taken today to reduce energy use and promote clean energy sources like solar power and wind power.  

An international scientific consensus has arisen about the escalating danger of global climate change. Last year, 179 faculty members signed on to a statement of support in favor of lowering the university’s greenhouse gas emissions at least to the Kyoto Protocol standard – 7 percent lower than 1990 levels. In the spring of 2001, the Associated Students of the University of California passed a referendum asking for a campus-wide environmental audit, as well as the control and monitor of emissions. In addition, countless students have been involved both within groups and as individuals, in the fight for climate justice and a sustainable future.  

We are now taking it to the next level by demanding a set of clean renewable standards for the campus to adhear to where ultimately by 2020, 50 percent of Berkeley’s energy would be clean and renewable such as solar, wind, and sources like Green Mountain energy. Let’s all support the University of California at Berkeley in becoming a leader in clean energy. 

Stephanie Bonin 

Greenpeace field organizer 

San Francisco