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A child’s call for justice

Molly Levy Berkeley 8 years old
Wednesday November 28, 2001

The Daily Planet received the following letter to the president. (Spelling has not been edited.) 

Dear Bush the President, 

What you are doing is very disrespectful to most of the people in Afghanistan who are very poor and minding just there own business and trying there best to stay alive while your just going ahead and boming them for nothing. 

Look I now how you feel. Upset right.  

If people from a differnt contry that I didn’t know or even if I new them were crashing or landing planes on really importen bildings of my contry, state, or city I’d be not only be upset but really mad.  

But I wouldn’t just start boming a hole contry or I wouldent even start trying to kill the people who did it. I would call the people who I think did it to the world court. 


Molly Levy 


8 years old