Thankful in the post 9-11 era

Bill Trampleasure Berkeley
Thursday November 29, 2001


What am I thankful for in this season of thanks, in this year of 9/11 tears and fear? 

1. My life, my wife, my three offspring (all teaching and/or making music), delightful in-laws and a granddaughter going on three with a great passion to see and be. 

2. Barbara Lee and Dona Spring. 

3. My home town, Berkeley, which is not afraid to embrace conflict and to seek solutions. 

4. My Berkeley Millennium Peace Bell. 

5. My alma mater, U.C., which may yet find a way to help us to let there be more light in our unclear nuclear night. 

6. My membership in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (Kensington) which adds much to my seeking sojourn on our wonderful planet Earth. 

7. The United Nations Association Information and UNICEF Center. 

8. The splendid timing of the Nobel Peace Prize to Secretary General Kofi Annan and the United Nations which is re-energizing many of us to keep-on-keeping-on with our peace efforts, personal and planetary. 

9. The Berkeley Daily Planet, which, according to the many messages which I receive on my daily delivery rounds, is doing a splendid job of “covering the world of Berkeley.” 

Bill Trampleasure 



(editor’s note: Bill’s a Planet “ambassador” delivering the paper to a number of downtown businesses.)