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Wrong for Meas. G to fund Fire Station No. 7

Alison Nelson
Friday November 30, 2001

The Berkeley Daily Planet received this letter addressed to City of Berkeley Project Manager Carmella Rejan, as well as Berkeley taxpayers. 

I am commenting on the draft EIR for the proposed Hills Fire Station, dated October 2001. 

As a Berkeley Hills property owner, my interest in this project remains high. In reviewing the draft EIR, I find that many of the issues raised by the public were not addressed, indeed, many do not follow the broad issue categories formed by the environmental consulting firm and listed on pages I-4, I-5, and I-6 of the draft EIR. My understanding of the NEPA and public review process is to address all issues raised, and either acknowledge they are within the scope of the analysis, or not, and if so, how and when these issues will be addressed. I ask you and the consultant to carefully review and respond to all issues raised in public comment. 

My primary question remains how the new Hill Fires Station, which is essentially a replacement fire station for the current Station No. 7, located at Shasta and Quail roads, qualifies for funding under Measure G? I have reviewed Measure G very carefully and see that limitation on use of bond proceeds includes two categories: First, “acquiring, constructing, and equipping of a new fire station, provided however that the council enters into agreements with other jurisdiction which benefit from the construction of the new station and such agreement provides that such jurisdictions contribute proportionately to the cost of construction, equipment, or staffing of the new station.” Second is the repairing and seismic retrofitting of existing fire stations. 

I see the proposal for the Hills Fires Station to fit neatly between these two legal categories of Measure G: therefore, the Hills Fire Station proposal does not fit and not qualify for taxpayer funding through Measure G. I will be in contact with our Berkeley elected officials to insure that use of Measure G funds are closely scrutinized and audited, and that Measure G funds are not used inappropriately for a new Hills Fire Station in the center of a quiet residential area. I’m sure our elected officials will want to act responsibly with our taxpayer dollars. 

Alison Nelson 

Hailey, Idaho