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Planet letters reflect one side

Friday November 30, 2001


I have just finished reading the forum section of your Nov. 12 issue and would like to take a moment to rebuff the many one-sided expressions published. This is my first time reading your paper and I have come to the following conclusions. 

First, it is obvious to me that your editors only publish letters that they agree with and refuse to publish anything contrary to your own ultra utopian liberalistic views. Every letter printed blasts everything having anything to do with support for America’s war against terrorism. The “thank you Berkeley for taking a stand” and “Blasting Mayor Shirley Dean” letters cannot possibly be the only type of communiqué you receive from the many Bay Area communities accessing your paper, yet they are the only type printed. 

Second, stop hiding behind the brave men and women who had the guts to take up arms and fight for the freedom of which you are so fond. If it weren’t for guns, wars, bombs, bullets and dying... there would be no America for you to protest and blather at today. If not for war, we would quite possibly all be speaking German today. We would still own slaves and God forbid, all Jews would have been exterminated. 

Men and women across America have volunteered to fight and die for your right to condemn them. How ridiculously absurd you are! 

I live in Berkeley, my flag flies high and as for support, I would not buy a piece of bubblegum here. Protest that! 

I have many friends and acquaintances in and from Berkeley and will be sure to show them this correspondence as I am quite sure you do not have the guts to print it. 

Brian Arnold 



The editor answers: Mr. Arnold, read the Daily Planet every day and you’ll find a variety of perspectives. We print most letters received. They must be less than 650 words and include the writer’s true name, address and phone number for verification. It’s true that the overwhelming number of letters we received support the council’s position in favor of stopping the bombing of Afghanistan as soon as possible.