UC Berkeley political science prof dies in Paris

The Associated Press
Friday November 30, 2001

Michael Rogin, a political science teacher at the University of California, Berkeley for more than three decades, has died after contracting hepatitis in Paris. He was 64. 

Rogin began his career at UC Berkeley in 1963 teaching American Politics. He later taught courses on film, Marxism, fascism and feminism. 

Revered as a master teacher by his colleagues, Rogin authored eight books and several essays on politics during his tenure. 

In 1998, Rogin co-authored “Race and Representations” with UC Berkeley law professor Robert Post. 

“He invented ways of thinking about things,” Post said. “He was just so perceptive and so much his own vision. No one can duplicate that.” 

Rogin is survived by two children, Isabelle Rogin, 29, of Honolulu and Madeleine Rogin, 27, of Berkeley; a brother, Edward Rogin of Honolulu and sister, Andrea Stanger of Monroeville, Pa.