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Can’t turn other cheek to bin Laden

Christopher Louis
Saturday December 01, 2001


To those people who are opposed to the bombing in Afghanistan: I would LOVE to hear your ideas on how we should go about capturing Osama bin Laden and members of the Al Qaeda network. Do you think our military personnel will be able to just walk up to him in his cave, and ask him politely to please accompany them back to the U.S., so that he may receive a fair trial?  

The Taliban have been harboring him and his cronies for years now, enabling them to perpetrate the attacks of Sept. 11, along with the American Embassy bombings, and the attack on the USS Cole. President Bush and his administration are now doing what should have been done years ago, when Bill Clinton turned the other way when attacks were done to our country. This is just another example of a Republican president cleaning up the mess left by a liberal, Democratic president. (See: Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan). 

Christopher Louis