Bay Area Briefs

Friday December 07, 2001

D.A.’s employee pleads innocent to assault charge 


SAN RAFAEL — A San Francisco prosecutor pleaded innocent Thursday to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and attempting to make a criminal threat in connection with a Nov. 9 fight outside his San Rafael home and another incident last year. 

Floyd Andrews has worked in the San Francisco district attorney’s office since 1983, specializing in fraud cases. He is accused of stabbing Martin Stanley, 37, of Fairfax, with a 3-inch pocket knife. Prosecutors also allege he tried to threaten another man last year. 

Andrews discovered Stanley urinating against the garage of the Andrews home in San Rafael and knifed Stanley to defend himself, said Andrews’ attorney, Kenneth Quigley. 

Marin prosecutors, however, concluded that Andrews should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent of inflicting great bodily harm. 

Andrews has not been at work since the incident. His bail was increased from $25,000 to $120,000 and has been jailed until he could raise the additional money. Quigley said he expected his client to bail out sometime Thursday night. 




Boat accident  

survivor says he tried to save lives 


OAKLEY — The lone survivor of boating accident that killed two Oakley teen-agers said Thursday he did everything he could to save their lives but the boys died in his arms. 

Kent Osborn, the father of Mark Osborn, 17, who perished along with Mike Vain, 15, had shoved off at dawn Sunday in their 15-foot aluminum boat on a duck hunting expedition. But within 15 minutes, high winds and choppy waves flooded the boat and all three were dumped into the frigid water near Big Break Marina. 

Kent Osborn said as the boat sank, the two boys donned life jackets and they all used duck decoys for buoyancy while trying to swim to shore. The two boys succumbed while Kent Osborn, 39, survived about 8 1/2 hours in the cold water, which rescue officers said was in the low 50s. 

Kent Osborn defended his decision to forge ahead with the hunting trip in bad weather. 

“We’ve been waiting since the start of duck season for this,” Kent Osborn told the Contra Costa Times. “This is when duck hunters go out. You go out during the biggest storms you can find.” 




Mistake of  




SANTA JOSE — Santa Clara County District Attorney George Kennedy said he “made a mistake” in prosecuting a Los Gatos educator for failing to report child abuse. 

Kennedy had charged Hillbrook School head Sarah Bayne for failing to report child abuse, a crime rarely prosecuted. The case was later dismissed but cost the Los Gatos private school and its insurance company more than $200,000 and threatened to destroy Bayne’s career 

“I wish I hadn’t filed it,” Kennedy told the San Jose Mercury News. 

Bayne told the Mercury News that Kennedy’s statement was little comfort. “They caused an unbelievable amount of pain and suffering,” she said. 

Prosecutors charged that in 1998 Bayne did not alert authorities when a teacher at the school told her that a third-grader had a red mark on his cheek. Bayne said she checked on the child and said she saw no mark. 

The children of three Santa Clara County prosecutors attended Hillbrook School at the time some accused Kennedy of having a conflict of interest in pursuing the case, a charge he denied.