Bay Area Briefs

Saturday December 08, 2001


BERKELEY — A proposal before the Berkeley City Council next week would have phone calls seeking information on avoiding military combat referred to the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. 

The Peace and Justice Commission will ask the council to approve a plan to make the phone number and Web site address of the organization available to staff members answering city phone lines. 

Berkeley’s Mayor Shirley Dean says she has no problem with the proposal, as long as the informational task does not cross the line to advocacy. 

Steve Freedkin, a member of the Peace and Justice Commission, says the proposal comes from a need for balance in light of strong military messages getting to the public through national advertising campaign. 

“During this time of military action, especially, we felt it was important that young people, who are of an age to consider enrolling in the military, have the full range of information available to them,” Freedkin said. 



SAN FRANCISCO — After a few haggles over prices, the first Dungeness crab haul of the season made its way to shore. 

Boat captain Phil Battaglia delivered 1,800 pounds of Dungeness crab Thursday to Alber Seafoods at Pier 45. 

The crab fisherman striked for three weeks, holding out for more $2.25 per pound before settling on $1.88 per pound. 

Crab supplies had dwindled as the anglers stayed ashore. 

Marketers predict crab prices for consumers will drop to about $3.99 per pound. 




PLEASANTON — A Pleasanton man was in serious condition in Hawaii Friday after getting stabbed at a bar on the Big Island. 

Police are searching for a 43-year-old Hilo man in the stabbing of a Mark Dehl on Thursday. 

Dehl, 51, was reported in serious but stable condition at Hilo Medical Center with wounds in his upper chest and abdomen. 

Police were looking for Randy Galima, who lives in the building that houses the Shooters Bar and Grill where the stabbing occurred. 

Galima and Dehl reportedly got into a fight at the bar at about 9:30 p.m. 

Galima was involved in an eight-hour stand-off with police last March during which he held a seven-month-old baby girl as a hostage, threatening to kill her with a knife. 

He was charged with kidnapping, resisting arrest and seven counts of terroristic threatening in that incident.