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Hemp foods already comply – no THC

Richard Rose
Friday December 14, 2001


Your story of Dec. 5 on hempseed foods did the industry and your readers a great disservice. Had you taken the time to talk to an actual hempseed importer, you would have learned that we already comply with DEA’s Interim Rule!  

Many of us have had zero THC hempseed foods for years. Therefore, the Interim Rule should have no effect on the vast majority of hempseed foods, including those of HempNut, Inc. (, and its customers Nature’s Path, French Meadow Bakery, and Alpsnack. 

DEA’s Rule is a clarification of the basis under which all responsible hempseed importers have already been operating under for quite some time. However, that simple fact has been lost on those who do not import hempseed and thus have no burden of compliance, but are attempting to manipulate the meaning of the Rule for political reasons. 

The unfortunate result of all this “DEA bans hemp food” hype, is that it succeeds where even the DEA never could: make the demand for hemp foods dwindle, and scare away the trade upon which we depend to sell our foods. For more information I suggest the Hemp Food Association website: 

I trust the citizen will make the appropriate corrections.  


Richard Rose,  

Founder and Director Hemp Food Association,