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Better discipline needed at Willard

Tonia Johnson Berkeley
Wednesday December 19, 2001


Regarding “New Day at Willard,” 12/14, I was surprised by the story on Willard Middle School and its “new day.” The day before the story appeared there was a terrible fight at Willard between two girls. It was not the first this year. But more troubling is the lack of day-to-day discipline. Students walk into classes late, constantly interrupt teachers with conversations etc. and there are no consequences. My son’s teachers are all excellent, but they are hampered by the lack of a school wide plan for dealing with minor infractions. The small things lead to big problems. 

The Winter Dance was cancelled, even though the first one went well. Students have been told they cannot wear pajamas for a Spirit Week pajama day, the school is fanatical about keeping children from wearing hats. What our kids wear seems more important than what they do. My observations and those of other parents not interviewed for your story is that things are different this year, but not much better. 


Tonia Johnson