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Boycott Berkeley? or maybe Marin....

Robin Rowe Partner, Richmond
Thursday December 20, 2001

The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter sent to the president of the Chamber of Commerce: 

We are in the process of relocating to the Berkeley area and came to your Web site considering joining the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce. I was surprised to find your anti-Berkeley political commentary on your Web page at If it is inappropriate for the Berkeley City Council to take a stance on the war in Afghanistan isn’t it doubly so for the Chamber of Commerce? 

Berkeley is widely admired for its political position regarding human rights. Whether the City Council passed a good resolution on October 16th I am not prepared to judge, but its action is certainly within keeping of its station and Berkeley’s world reputation. True, many people are disturbed by Berkeley’s non-conformist viewpoint, but I think the world would be a crueler place without that viewpoint. It is this aspect of Berkeley that makes it a world-recognized city. 

Please note that I am not suggesting you change your views or stop expressing them. I merely wish to draw your attention to the irony of them. 


Robin Rowe