It’s raining – seniors need bus shelters

Lee Gaines, President Berkeley
Thursday December 20, 2001


The Daily Planet received a copy of the following letter addressed to City Manager Weldon Rucker: 

The North Berkeley Senior Center Advisory Council is an elected, representative body that “assists and advises other participants, volunteers, and city or other agency staff on activities, schedules, services, projects, policies...” At its December meeting, it was unanimously agreed that I contact you in behalf of the many Berkeley elders who, for reasons of finance, convenience, or ecology are bus riders. 

We understand that the installation of bus shelters in Berkeley was legislated some time ago. It is our belief that the work should and could be begun immediately. Advisory Council members who are Council-appointed members of the Commission on Aging as well as the NBSC Advisory Council Indicate that the Planning Department has provided updates on this lagging bus shelter matter... all was said to be well, and assurances received that they would indeed be up by the start of the rainy season! 

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your intervention in behalf of bus riders in Berkeley. The next meeting of the NBSC Advisory Council will be held at the Center on Wednesday, January 3rd at 10 A.M. 


Lee Gaines, President