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Need more than cops to stop the cruising

Name withheld by request
Friday December 21, 2001



Regarding the story on sex cruising Dec. 19,  

I would like to thank you for providing a balanced, objective article. As a out Queer activist, Berkeley Citizen and a person who frequents the Aquatic Parks’ cruising scene I support the city’s goal of ensuring the park is “safe and friendly” for all if handled in a sensitive way. 

Sexual isolation and loneliness do play a major role in cruising, however cruising is not limited to “fringe” members of the Queer Community. Many of us are well-connected and active members of the Queer Community who enjoy casual, outdoor sex and recognize its importance to Queer Culture/Identity. 

Cruising will not come to a halt. No amount of police harassment and fines will resolve the issue and would be a waste of city time and funds. We only need to look at the war on drugs to see that criminalizing an issue does not create a resolution. Only education, outreach, and a review of policies can begin to address the cruising issue. 

Name withheld by request