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More applause for Barbara Lee

Michael Steinberg Berkeley
Monday December 24, 2001



I’d like to join the endless repetitive chorus of those applauding the wisdom and courage of Representative Barbara Lee, who refused to support the American bombing and war effort in Afghanistan. Thanks, Barbara for refusing to support the series of atrocious bombings which do seem to have resulted in: 

1. Perpetuating the cycle of violence by pretty much ending the war. 

2. The liberation of an oppressed and abused Afghan people. 

3. The tenuous first stages of the liberation of Afghan women. 

4. The coming rebirth of Afghan public education. 

5. The clear collapse of an obviously unpopular Taliban regime which was largely supported and often run by non-Afghans. 

6. The legalization and rebirth of Afghan art, music, poetry, sports and politics. 

All of these, a direct result of the American bombing and war effort, were thankfully opposed by the courage and wisdom of Representative Barbara Lee.  

May we the voters in her district truly reflect the wisdom of her choices. 

I hope that many of those who opposed the Afghan war effort will be willing to admit at least the possibility of their not being completely correct.  

Certainly it would be easier to hear their other concerns about civil liberties here at home (which I share) if they could publicly acknowledge the perhaps surprising good that seems to have come from the war.  



Michael Steinberg