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Can’t celebrate deaths of 4,000 Afghans

Michael P. Hardesty
Friday December 28, 2001


Michael Steinberg’s use of the lowest form of humor, sarcasm, rather pathetically fails (letters,12/24). First, we have reinstalled the Northern Alliance to power, the same group of thugs who misruled that country from 1992-96 and killed 100,000 people. They were responsible for bringing the Taliban wackos to power in the first place. So it’s premature to be celebrating anyone’s liberation, much less any rebirth of Afghan art, etc. Secondly, according to Professor Mark Herrold of the University of New Hampshire, we have killed at least 4,000 Afghans through our bombing, more than perished at the WTC atrocity. There is no end in sight on this war, there are elements in the Bush Administration who favor extending this to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and other countries. I am a libertarian who would not vote for Barbara Lee for dogcatcher but I do salute her on this one vote. Normally libertarian Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is on the losing side of 420-1 votes in the House. Don’t worry too much about civil liberties, Mr. Steinberg, if this war continues there will be few to worry about. 


Michael P. Hardesty