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Berkeleyans allow others to die for their freedoms

Bob Tanguay
Friday December 28, 2001


I hope the City Council and the people of Berkeley have enjoyed their Christmas.  

I’ve seen the resolution of the council that condemns our action in Afghanistan and now I read where your fair city is going to give help to anyone who wishes to avoid the draft, if it’s started.  

Today thousands of men and women of our armed services are putting their lives on the line, so that all of us may enjoy our freedom to have a Merry Christmas.  

I have to ask myself though, what kind of people are you? You are so willing to let others go out and die to provide you with the freedom that you take so much for granted.  

I have to ask, how can some of you can look in the mirror each morning knowing that you are willing to let other people die for your freedom and not care. In fact you protest the very actions that are keeping you free. If you find nothing you are willing to fight for. Nothing that you care about, then your own safety. Yet you are willing to let better men and women die for your freedom, then you are a miserable lot that will NEVER be free. Yet you wonder why other people in the USA hold the city of Berkeley in such contempt.  


Bob Tanguay,  

Brandenburg, Kentucky  


Editor’s note: the resolution in fact does not condemn the bombings but calls for the cessation of bombing as soon as possible.