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See No Evil, Touch No Evil, Hear No Evil

Steven Donaldson Berkeley
Monday December 31, 2001



How come so many people responding to Mr. Steinbergs’ excellent humorous and well stated letter of Dec. 24 do not see what is before their eyes? Gee whiz did none of those things he mentioned happen? No, I think they did, but some folks just can’t bring themselves to admitting reality. 

For the first time in nearly 20 years Afghanistan has an opportunity to recreate itself as a nation. How come the critics have ignored the deals that have been hammered out between the different tribal groups within Afghanistan — with no direct U.S. government involvement? That the interim leader, Hamid Karzai, is  

Pashtoon — the same tribe that the Taliban is mostly made up from. The creation of this government was difficult and a whole series of compromises and it has been inclusive and balanced. But the Afghans did it, not us. They are just beginning to rebuild what they lost and the U.N., Europe and the U.S. need to support this effort. And guess what, they sure appreciated our help. 

It would be wonderful if the bombing campaign, war and battles, the unfortunate deaths of civilians did not have to happen. It would also be nice to see no more blood shed any where in the world to resolve political  

problems, but it just isn't so at this time. War is an extension of political motivations and when opportunists can take charge over the weak they do it. I think the Taliban knew this well. 

How come the critics of the bombing ignore the incredible suffering of the Afghan people over the last 20 years? How come no one wants to see the liberation of Kabul and the hear the joy of people able to express their culture again? How come no one wants to talk about the horrible abuses the Taliban committed against women and average citizens over the last five years? 

War is war and sometimes it has to happen to create freedom. A painful truth. A blissfully uneducated and ignorant stance based on political ideology does nothing but create more ignorance as people continue to suffer. Unfortunately Barbara Lee reflects this uniformed “politically correct” point of view and as with the Emperor’s new clothes no one can admit it. 


Steven Donaldson