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Is it worth it to get rid of the mosquitoes?

Aftim Saba Berkeley
Monday December 31, 2001


I was interested in the Mosquito abatement article on Dec. 28. I have always wondered how come, here in Berkeley, we have so few mosquitoes in the summer and suspected the use of some heavy-handed abatement activities. While the article had some good information, it did disappoint me however. No where does it mention the procedures and chemicals (if any) used in the MAD activities except to mention the fish that eats the larvae in ponds. It also does not mention the most likely breeding sites in the city or its surrounding areas. I think the reporter should have addressed these issues in order for the public to be informed. We need to know how are we — over these many years — getting rid of the mosquitoes, and is the price worth it from an environmental and a public health aspect. A follow-up article would be much appreciated. 


Aftim Saba