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Let’s do away with the KKK

Pamela A. Hairston Washington, DC
Monday December 31, 2001



For many reasons, 2001 will go down in history. For most of the year, David Horowitz campaigned on prominent college campuses, across America, against reparations for slavery. I believe Berkeley was one of the campuses he hit. Please, allow me one last word on this often-heated and controversial issue.  

Since Sept. 11, not much has been written or said about reparations. When 

the country was talking about it, most white Americans were vehemently against reparations of any sort. Hell, you mention a mere apology for slavery and their shorts got all knotted. In my opinion, I truly believe that if the U.S. government ever considers reparations, there would be another civil war.  

Alas, since Sept. 11, this idea is even more far-fetched. I have a better idea. Instead of monetary reparations, lets do away with the Ku Klux Klan. For almost 150 years, the Klan has been known throughout the world for terrorizing and killing innocent black Americans. And since our president, George W. Bush, has declared a war on terrorism, the Klan should be at the top of his list. I wonder how many white Americans would object to this type of reparation? 

Peace and love my fellow Americans, finally and perhaps forever, we are all in this together.  



Pamela A. Hairston 

Washington, DC