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We must investigate 9/11

Judith Segard Hunt Berkeley
Thursday January 03, 2002



Well before 9/11/01 at least two flight school instructors had warned the FBI that suspicious persons with inadequate flying experience came to them to learn to pilot the “big birds” used by American and United Air Lines. 

Add to this that the volume of 9/11/01’s sales of the stocks of those two airlines was one-fourth greater than to be expected, and although publicly promised and investigation to date we have had no explanation--a disturbing dereliction of which I was reminded by a listener call-in to National Public Radio. 

I am reminded of how when a good German smuggled onto our shores during WWII reported his sabotage mission to the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover’s outfit ignored him so they would have sole credit for capturing the handful of saboteurs, for which Hoover was accorded a medal. 

Only the terrorist pilots of 9/11/01 knew theirs was a suicide mission. May not someone in the FBI, through surveillance acquaintance with one of the other terrorists, had wind of a comparatively innocuous hijacking for 9/11/01 and used or sold the information, causing the suspicious airline stock sales? 

We must pursue the money here, and look for a tortuous trail back to the FBI. And the FBI should not be the investigator! 


Judith Segard Hunt